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Pipelife made a donation of materials for a community care construction

Pipelife has proved once again its commitment to the social initiatives in Bulgaria. We joined the companies, that supported the Foundation ”Project North-West” initiative – community care kitchen for old people in Mezdra region (North-west region of Bulgaria)...

Sewerage cleaning

Before we proceed to tackle the essence of this report, which is brought to your attention by Pipelife Bulgaria, we would like to explain the reasons that required its development. The report was originally created in German language and comprises 210 pages, out of which we translated only the sections that we think would be the most interesting.
100- years- service-lifetime prediction of Polyolefin gravity sewer systems

100- years- service-lifetime prediction of Polyolefin gravity sewer systems

The prediction of the life expectancy of plastic pipe systems is well documented for pressure applications but for non-pressure application in sewage and drainage a scientific approach for prediction lifetime was not available.

Longevity of plastic materials

In recent years the issue about the life of plastic materials, now widely used in the area of design engineering, gained great importance in the professional circles of hydro engineers. We, Pipelife, being a manufacturer of long history, want to tell you the story of an interesting picture dating back to the distant 1963.

Butt welding of polypropylene pipes type PP Mono is a fact!

COMPACT SMOOTH POLYPROPYLENE PIPE SYSTEMS FOR SEWAGE INFRASTRUCTURE - PP MONO PP Mono is a single layer, compact, smooth polypropylene system for sewage infrastructure complying with EN 1852-1. Together with the Institute of Metal Science, Equipment and Technologies - Bulgarian Academy of Sciences and the Institute of Welding, Pipelife held test and happy to announce that the pipes PP Mono can be reliably butt welded!
Installation manuals

Installation manuals

Dear customers, as Pipelife Bulgaria always strive to answer all Your questions and needs , we have the pleasure to present to Your attention a few new installation manuals for our products. Please, feel free to have a look here:


When handling sewer pipes lubricant is always needed. It helps pipe connect with the socket and take the right position. That saves efforts and make it easier for corrections along the pipe-route and for disassembling when needed...

REACH-Regulation № 1907/2006 by European Parliament and Council from 18/12/2006

Dear customers, We present to You Regulation № 1907/2006 by European Parliament and Council from 18/12/2006 for registration, evaluation, permission and restriction on usage of chemicals.

PRO manhole installation in Blagoevgrad

“Pipelife Bulgaria” e.o.o.d , together with ”Water and Sewerage” e.o.o.d Blagoevgrad and HTI Bulgaria, made an installation of sewer inspection manhole, type PRO1000 at Blagoevgrad on 15.06.2016.

Ring flexibility test

Dear customers, We would like to give you information about of one of the main test for corrugated pipes for infrastructure sewer system – the ring flexibility test.